One Dream at a Time.  The Life of a Simple Wife.

I've always hated "blurbing" about myself. I hate having to give preference to/focus on just one section of what makes up who I am with the intent of capturing the attention of someone and making them like me. No, I don't like "blurbing" about myself. I prefer someone take a while to really get to know me before they decide if they like me or not. The whole me. Not some glimpse of a sliver of me.

So who am I? In short, I'm a stay-at-home woman with a lot of varied interests. Some days I'm an artist, some days I'm a baker, some days I'm a chef, some days I'm a writer, some days I'm a maid, some days I'm an accountant dabbling in financial wizardry, some days I'm a student, some days I'm a child of the technological age, and some days I'm a little bit of all of those. Of course, that's not the entire line up. There are many other categories I might fall into on any given day. One can never really tell with me. And I guess that's why I hate "blurbing" about myself. It's all important to me, and just because someone sees me one way on one day doesn't mean that's how I'll appear the next day.

So the basics. In list form, because these are the most common things people ask me about. If there's anything else that should be listed here, please let me know. I can be reached by email at Seraph [at] consecratedheart [dot] com

Name: Michele'

Nicknames: Chele', Seraph, SheWolf, Mikey

Date of Birth: a long time ago

Location: Right where I belong at this time

Occupation: Stay-at-Home Woman

Favorite Color(s): Midnight blue, black, silver

Favorite Music: Everything. Literally. Well, except polka. I have been accused of attempting to collect all the music in the world, one artist at a time. And you can't gauge my mood by the music playing.

Favorite Movie(s): Like the music, I have an extensive collection - action/adventure, sci-fi/fantasy, classics and even a few alternatives (Rocky Horror just isn't the same when you're in your living room though). I enjoy good movies, but I also enjoy "bad" movies. Probably the only thing I can't stomach is war movies. Not too crazy about sappy movies, either. Just not my style.

Favorite Book(s): Oh, there are just too many to pick from...

Some of the things I am interested in: archeology, aromatherapy, beading, body painting (henna and otherwise), book binding, chain maille, cooking, creative writing, criminology, crocheting, cross stitching, exploring, graphics, historical architecture, knitting, photography, puzzles, poisons, pyrography, reading, singing, weapons, web page making, walking, wood working, yoga... just to name a few, because the list is ever-changing and completely dependent upon my whims.