One Dream at a Time.  The Life of a Simple Wife.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was in a book store and came across a book called The Secret Language of Birthdays: Personality Profiles For Each Day of the Year by Gary Goldschneider. I flipped through it, skimming over the birthdates of people I knew and was amazed at how accurate everything was. I waddled walked out of that store with that book that day and still use it today. It's less accurate on children and teens, but I've found that the older a person is (and more developed their personality has become) the more accurate the book is. I point anyone wanting to know the real me to this page. In a nut shell - at the core of who I am and under all the hobbies, activities, and other stuff - this is me.

November Twenty-Fifth
The Day of Sustained Effort

Those born on November 25 know how to save their energy for the long haul. However, this is not to suggest they wait for things to happen -- they make them happen! Dynamic and productive, they also have a reserved side to their personality that lends them dignity. No matter how energetic they are in their daily occupation, in one-on-one relationships they reveal a sensitive, thoughtful, even quiet personality. There is nothing chaotic about the abundant energy they display; though dynamic, if flows evenly and smoothly.

November 25 people often prefer both working and being alone, yet an unmistakable theme in their lives is attachment (usually through birth, marriage, or succession) to another powerful individual. For a time a November 25 can be overshadowed by this individual, but sooner or later will break away to make it on his/her own. The relationship can go on for many years in a harmonious, symbiotic fashion but often through death, divorce or outright rebellion the November 25 person emerges as a power in his/her own right and demands separate and distinct recognition. Such a situation often comes into being due to a November 25 person's dreams and fantasies when young that involve the admiration of one or more romantic figures.

It is not surprising that November 25 people deeply admire capable and talented individuals; achievement is a god for those born on this day. They are driven to realize great success in their given field and if they fail to do so can suffer breakdowns and deep depressions. Another danger is that they can work so hard and effectively that they make themselves indispensable to those who rely on them, and therefore find it hard to move on to other endeavors, be flexible in lifestyle or even retire. Usually one or more hobbies at home are just waiting to replace their regular job, and particularly later in life, those born on this day may wish to retreat to a life of contemplation and spiritual study.

Most often, in career, those born on this day place excellence first, power second and money third. Yet they are giving as well, and do not hesitate to share their good fortune (of course on their own terms). Indeed, November 25 people usually leave a fine legacy, whether it be in the form of a well-raised family, wealth and property, or contribution to arts or sciences.

A highly moral sense is built into the November 25 personality. Due to their sometimes codified ideas of right and wrong, those born on this day have to avoid imposing their value systems on others. They must also be mindful of growing overly rigid and authoritarian. Expectations of all types can create difficulties for November 25 people. It is therefore in their long-term interest to resist forming hard and fast opinions about people and circumstances that lock all concerned into static postures and relationships.

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 25th day of the month are ruled by the number 7 (2+5=7), and by the watery planet Neptune. The connection between Neptune and Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) can signal inherited gifts, high idealism and compassion. However, on the other hand it can also point to unreal and misleading visions of all sorts. Those ruled by the number 7 traditionally like change and travel.


The 7th card of the Major Arcana is The Chariot, which shows a triumphant figure moving through the world, manifesting his physical presence in a dynamic way. The card may be interpreted to mean that no matter how narrow or precarious the correct path, one must continue on. The good side of this card posits success, talent and efficiency; the bad side suggests a dictatorial attitude and a poor sense of direction.


November 25 people usually display a highly constant and positive attitude towards life. They must be careful how they expend their energy however, and beware of individuals who through envy or desire will wish to latch on to them in an imposing manner. Thus November 25 people may have to be a bit more guarded and learn how to say no. Those born on this day should take particular care of their legs and watch out for circulatory problems as they get older, e.g., varicosities and the like. They should pay more attention to eating habits, since they tend to either overeat or forget to eat at all, due to circumstances. Regularly scheduled meals are recommended that emphasize fresh vegetables (although protein requirements may have to be satisfied through diary and/or meat, poultry or fish). Exercise or lack of it rarely presents a problem for these active individuals.


Beware of being judgmental and condemning. Establish yourself independently; avoid harmful attachments and fantasies. Let up in your compulsiveness, and aim to be more communicative.


The dyadic principle grants far more than a doubling of energy to two people joined in an endeavor.

Strengths: constant, thorough, accomplished
Weaknesses: judgmental, rigid, authoritarian

Taken from
The Secret Language of Birthdays: Personality Profiles For Each Day of the Year.
by Gary Goldschneider