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Much love and appreciation goes to Halo, without whom site would not be possible or even updated. Years ago, when I first stopped making web pages and all but vanished off the 'net, Halo gave me a little space to make something new, "to keep the spark alive". She then poked and prodded until I used the space she so graciously provided. For years I stood at the edge of a cliff saying "I'm gonna jump..." and get my own domain. I finally jumped and she was right there to make sure I landed safely. She has been a great friend and a tremendous inspiration over the years, and it never ceases to amaze me how she has the answers to my questions before I even ask them. The basic html coding of the current layout is all hers; she just let me borrow it and tweak it a bit. Again. Thanks, Halo. <3<3

Much love and appreciation goes to my husband as well, for all the nights he fixed dinner because I was eyeball deep in figuring out why some page or another wasn't working just like I wanted it to. He's tolerated a lot over the years as I've learned what I know (little as it is) about making web pages. Without his tolerance, patience, and support this site would not be here today. Thanks, honey. <3<3

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