One Dream at a Time.  The Life of a Simple Wife.

Sometime during the middle of June (2009), I realized that I wasn't keep track of what books I read. I realized this when I started reading a book for the third time this year. So, here I go again. Starting in with what's on my plate as of 26 June 2009 and spanning the last half of the year.

Books are listed by the date they are finished, followed by those in progress. Cookbooks and E-books are listed in a section lower on the page. Books I start but can't stomach finishing are listed at the very bottom.

The 2007 list is here. The oh so very incomplete 2008 list is here.

And it should be noted that I often put books I own on hold in favor of reading library books that I will only have for a short period of time. Most of the books I borrow from the library have "hold" lists half a mile long so I read them whenever they come to me. (Seriously, there's one I put on hold in November and at the beginning of February I had only moved up three slots to be the 56th person in line.)